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Alvers Auto Repair Oil Change

Oil Changes
Don't forget to have your oil changed in your vehicle. It's the most important thing you can do in the way of vehicle maintenance. At Alvers Auto Repair we'll replace the old muddy oil with fresh new oil and change the filter.

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Alvers Auto Repair Air-Conditioning Service

Air-Conditioning Service
Is your air-conditioner blowing hot air? Bring it to Alvers so we can check your A/C System. We'll check the compressor, temperature readings, and check the drive belt for possible damage. We also check for leaks. You may just need some refrigerant.

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Alvers Auto Repair Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration
Bringing in your vehicle for headlight restoration will eliminate the need to replace your old foggy headlights and you'll have better night vision and lighting. The restoration will improve the appearance of your vehicle.

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Alvers Auto Repair Brake Repair

Scheduling brake maintenance will keep you safe on the road. Having an inspection can help you if you're on a budget, then you can spread out the cost of repairs if needed. Replacing pads and shoes is less expensive than replacing drums and rotors.

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Alvers Auto Repair Struts and Shocks

Shocks and Struts
If your tires are showing signs of wear and your vehicle bounces excessively when you hit a bump, your vehicle may have a worn suspension system. Schedule an appointment and let us do an inspection.

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Alvers Auto Repair Wheel Alignment

Scheduling a wheel alignment at Alvers Auto Repair will increase the life of your tires, plus improve traction and gas mileage. Let us alignment your vehicle with 30 years of alignment experience and you'll have a much smoother ride!

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